Backyard Ninja Warrior Course – DIY Project

This summer we tackled the largest DIY project that I’ve ever done in my life. My husband and I and our 3 sons are big fans of the American Ninja Warrior tv show, and last winter I installed gym rings in the rafters of our basement so the kids could swing through the laundry room and get some mid-winter exercise. This was such a hit that more rings and a pullup bar followed shortly after. With our kids starting to outgrow our modest (and rotting) backyard wood jungle gym, along with a trampoline starting to rust… it was time for a new backyard play structure of some kind. Something that could grow with the kids and still be used when they’re teens. So the plan was hatched to build our own ninja warrior structure. This became a massive, expensive and months-long project with (if I do say so myself) stunning results!

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