Drupal vs Joomla Research & Comparison

A while back I had to research CMS options to compliment our work with WordPress. At the time I was looking at the two main competitors to WordPress in the PHP CMS category, Joomla and Drupal. Both of these choices are solid, established and flexible options. There isn’t a clear ‘winner’ between them, however I figured this summary might be helpful for others.

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What Happened To DarkLang?

Three years ago I wrote a post exploring the new integrated programming language, environment, online editor and pipeline called Dark. I thought it looked pretty cool but lacked a lot of necessary features that would make it useful at business scale, and it also came with major vendor lock-in risk. I concluded by planning to look back at it in a year or two. I did so and, woo, do I have some concerns.

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Migrating Mercurial Repos To Git

In August 2019, BitBucket – a popular cloud source code hosting and project management service run by Atlassian – announced that it was dropping support for Mercurial repositories. Mercurial is a distributed source control management tool similar to, but less popular than Git.

This move isn’t surprising. Mercurial has lost the popularity war with Git and BitBucket claims that less than 1% of new repositories on their service use Mercurial. The surprising thing is that BitBucket announced that they are deleting Mercurial repositories from their service as of June 2020. Leaving developers and companies who use Mercurial with less than one year to migrate.

This move by BitBucket seems inevitable, but the timeline and hard-deletion that BitBucket is giving their loyal customers seems harsh. For me, I have around 25 projects that need to be migrated.

Here’s how to do so, in a few easy steps!

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