Baldur’s Gate 3 on Ubuntu Linux

It’s difficult to be a gamer or a D&D fan these days and not be inundated with news and information about how great Baldur’s Gate 3 is. Happily I have a great group of gamer friends always up for trying new games. My husband was a big fan of the Divinity games so we’re giving BG3 a go. Since I use a Ubuntu PC there’s always a bit of stress and tinkering required for games, although thanks to Valve’s incredible work on their Proton compatibility layer, it’s now rare to encounter a game I want to play but can’t get working through Steam. Baldur’s Gate however is $80 CAD so I definitely had to make sure I could get it working before the refund period passes (less than 2 weeks or 2 hours of gameplay). I did end up having to pour through the info for BG3 on ProtonDB to get it working.

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Board Games For Couples & Families

I’ve had a number of people ask me for board game recommendations for couples, families or friends who want to have fun while trapped in the house. My husband and I have a growing collection and a very specific focus on co-operative and indirectly-competitive board games. Here’s a quick write-up and details of our favourites.

Disclaimer – husband & I run on the nerdy side so many of these are not mainstream at all.

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