DIY Obstacle Course ‘Banana’ Holds

Continuing the fun of adding to our backyard ninja course, I wanted to make curved hanging holds that you typically see shaped like bananas. It turns out you can make these with a few dollars of hardware store supplies and less than 15 minutes in the garage.

Supplies (prices in CAD):

  • PVC 90° schedule 40 elbow 1″ pipe. ($4.50)
  • Bolt, 2x washer, 1 nut. (Reclaimed / <$2)
  • Weight-rated steel carabiner. (We use heavy duty ones for hammocks.) (~$3)
  • 1/4″, GR30 zink-plated chain ~10 links. ($4)

I really like these PVC 90° elbows because they have a flare on one end to make the grip for kids a bit easier. You could always reverse them if you don’t want the flare on the hanging end.

Place the pipe in a vice but be very careful to not over-tighten or you’ll crack the plastic. The pipe should be parallel to the ground. Draw a dot about 3/4″ from the end and drill a hole carefully through both sides. Don’t press hard on the drill, let the bit do the work. I started with a narrow hole then went up to the size that would fit my bolt with a little spinning room.

Feed your bolt through & sandwich the pipe between the washers. Tighten the nut till snug – careful not to make the pipe flex.

Hook one end of the chain onto the bolt as you feed it through. Attach the carabiner on the other end & you’re ready to go!!

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