Learn PHP For Experienced Developers

In my efforts to help a colleague, I discovered that there are few resources for people who are already programmers in other languages to learn PHP. Something that isn’t beginner level, doesn’t explain basic programming concepts… just get to the heart of what makes PHP unique, and some suggested quality resources to learn more.

This is what I’ve written here. It’s a high-level overview of the language, and some vetted resources to get set up and learn more.

Let’s get started…

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Multiple Apps on One Server With Mod-Rewrite

For small companies and freelance or solo developers, hosting can be an expense which adds up over time to a hefty bill. Whether you have several VPSes or shared-hosting accounts, it makes little sense to have multiple small, experimental, or low-traffic sites on their own servers. You could serve them from multiple subdomains or subdirectories, but yuck! Domains are cheap and I like the polish of having something on it’s own domain once it’s public.

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PHP Podcast Picks

There are a surprising number of PHP and web development podcasts available to us, which is a great sign of the language’s popularity and passionate developers. Podcasts are nice because they allow us to keep current and learn while on the go. My preference is listening to them while doing chores, turning otherwise boring time into a chance to improve my technical knowledge. Over the last year I’ve listened to several podcasts specifically about PHP and web development, and here are the ones I’ve been following: Continue reading “PHP Podcast Picks”

A Year Of Catchup

Things I didn't know I didn't know.While this blog is new, my original post about my predicament is actually about a year old. So for the last year I’ve been thinking about the best way to modernize and what topics I specifically want to learn about. I ended up with a bit of an oh-crap! moment as the more I started learning the more I realized there is to learn. And for me, still very much a full-time parent… how little time there is to do it. Continue reading “A Year Of Catchup”

On Being a Developer Dinosaur (oh no!)

Did someone forget to mention that this industry changes fast? Really fast!? I must have missed that…

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